Brass Cow n Krishna 14"


Elevate the ambiance of your home with our exquisite brass Krishna sculpture, a symbol of divinity and tranquility. This enchanting masterpiece showcases Lord Krishna in a divine posture, immersed in the melodious tunes of his flute. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our brass Krishna exudes an aura of timeless beauty and grace.

A tranquil aura pervades this sacred depiction, with a gentle cow standing serenely in the background, and the robe of Lord Krishna elegantly cascading from both shoulders. This feature adds a calming and harmonious touch to your living space, creating an atmosphere of peace and spiritual resonance.

Bring home the divine presence of Lord Krishna, the eternal source of joy and serenity, with our Brass Krishna sculpture. Elevate your surroundings and invite a sense of tranquility into your life. Embrace the divine with this enchanting masterpiece, where art and spirituality meet."


Height : 12 inches

Width :6 inches

Depth : 4 inches
Weight:  4.500 kg

The product might have slight irregularities in color, design and moulding as its thoroughly handcrafted by artisans.

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