Brass Panchamukhi Hanuman


Size: 6.5”x 5.5”x 4.15”
Weight: 1.900kg 

Panchamukhi Hanuman, is a representation of him, showing 5 faces, in different directions. It is based on the incident in Ramayana, where Hanuman assumes the form to kill, Ahiravana, the king of Pathala, and Ravan’s brother.

As per most texts, Hanuman assumes the form of Panchamukha( 5 faces) and carries 10 weapons. The five faces here are those of

  1. Anjaneya- Facing East grants Ishta Siddhi.
  2. Karala Ugraveera Narasimha- Facing South, grants Abhishta Siddhi
  3. Mahaveera Garuda- Facing West, grants Sakala Soubhagya.
  4. Lakshmi Varaha- Facing North, grants Dhana Prapthi
  5. Hayagriva, known as the Urdhva Mukha( facing upwards), grants Sarva Vidya Jaya Prapthi.


The product might have slight irregularities in color, design and moulding as its thoroughly handcrafted by artisans.

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