Brass Vishnu Narayan resting on Sheshnaag with Laxmi


Size: 4.5”x 2.45”x 5.5”
Weight: 1.100 Kg

Vishnu is often depicted as resting on Shesha. Shesha is considered a servant and a manifestation of Vishnu. He is said to have descended to Earth in three human forms or avatars: Lakshmana, brother of Vishnu's avatar Rama during Treta Yuga, and as Balarama, brother of Vishnu's avatar Krishna during Dvapara Yuga and Ramanujacharya, the proponent of Vishishtadvaita school of Vedanta during Kali Yuga.

The product might have slight irregularities in color, design and moulding as its thoroughly handcrafted by artisans.

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